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  1. WTF!!! You didn't get a pic of the bad ass 07 gt500!!! Your fired!! Jk, Great pics and yes you got the shaggin wagon!! TRob
  2. Ok, Need help please. Just bought a 2011 GT and noticed engine knocking when cold. Researched it but no answers as to what ford did about it if anything. Heard that its normal and not normal. Any new info would be great!!!! Thanks in advance, Trob
  3. trob_17

    Piston Slap?

    Ok, this has probably been beaten like a dead horse but I just bought a 2011 GT and I'm getting a knocking sound when cold. I've read some posts on other sites and no conclusion with what was done to fix it if any. Any insights would be helpful or just point me to a thread that answers my question. Thanks, Trob
  4. Put TRob just ahead of albino500 cause we all know black is the fastest color...lol..right Kevin?
  5. My cars in the shop and doubt it will be ready....? I still may go
  6. I have an extra ticket for Saturday if anyone needs it. $50 incl paddock. I'll be heading down with the group. TRob
  7. I may show up to join the gang and have some fun but not gonna show the GT500. To many bumps and bruises... TRob
  8. Success!! Ford is honoring the TSB repairs. Service manager went to bat for me cause I gave him so much info from this forum. One question. I hear they are using the 2012 clutch assy now. Does anyone have that part no. Thanks again Rob, TRob.
  9. Well, The Ford dealer service manager just called and told me he cant help with the TSB clutch replacemnt because the 3 yr/36k warranty has expired even though I have an 8 yr extended warranty in which he claims does not cover the clutch assy. Any information would be helpful in my case. I'm getting ready to call Ford customer service. The serv manager clains that if I can get Ford to agree to pay for it he will replace the cluctch assy. Thanks in advance, TRob
  10. Hi, can someone please post or email me the 4th revision of the clutch tsb and if someone has a list of the part numbers i could use that to. I'm going in for the diagnostics on monday. Thanks in advance. TRob
  11. Hey Michael, Sorry so late but I'm in for an XL please. Thanks and see you tuesday!! Tom
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