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  1. Thanks for sharing that. It looks like they had an extra or something and now it is getting discontinued on their site 😞 I must of missed that page when i was looking on their site for this product
  2. Nice! Definitely a lot "cheaper" than others i have seen sell at. Carroll Shelby Racing is looking to re-produce these Strut Braces. Hopefully they can find one that they can scan to sell them again.
  3. Then i guess Shelby used GB for 1966? There is an Original 1966 GT350 around my area and it is in Guardsman Blue. The car is owned by Chuck Cantwell
  4. I believe Guardsman Blue and Wimbledon White was official Ford Colors. Apparently the colors were available in these years Wimbledon White: 1964-1971 Guardsman Blue: 1964-1965 (Maybe Shelby used the color again on 1966 GT350s?)
  5. Nice to see Ford finally use Guardsman Blue again. Wish they would bring that color back into production for the Mustang, or at least Shelby models. Anywho, i was kinda in the hunt for one of the 100 GT350s or 37 GT350Rs they made in 2015...This kinda interests me more....may have to check around local dealers to see if they can order one
  6. I believe they are Street Legal. There is one (at least there was) rolling around in Pennsylvania and i have seen him driving the car on the road
  7. Exactly, regardless if he is from a rich family.......he is lucky to be one of the 1st ones to get it. At least he and his dad(or whoever is his co-pilot) is driving the car from Michigan back to California instead of shipping it. I will probably keep an eye on his channel, because i wouldnt be surprised that this GT500 will become a GT500 Super Snake (if shelby does one) since his family has a 2014 Shelby SuperSnake Signature Edition and has does some videos at Shelby American with Chris Ruby
  8. there is a bunch of guys over at Mustang6G has their panties in a bunch because this kid got a GT500 before them. haha
  9. I reached out to the Seller of that car, i asked them about the Transmission There were six cars total five of them were crushed one of them was a fake automatic for some of the shots but this was the main car for beauty shots. All documented by the owner of the production company. Yes this car is a Manual Transmission
  10. That is what is throwing me off. The car in the photo has an Automatic Transmission, but the eBay listing says its a Manual Trans
  11. First off, i will admit i was trying to find this car a few years ago. It looks like it is on eBay for a cool $150,000 https://www.ebay.com/itm/283649860290 However i am thrown off a bit, i thought they changed the transmission from a Manual to an Automatic for the Hero car so the actor could drive the car without having to Shift Gears
  12. a Shelby-ized 2020 Explorer ST would be kinda sweet to see
  13. When i was at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle this year, i saw someone run those wheels on their 07-09 GT500. It looked good, unfortunately, i dont remember what the tire sizes were. Maybe a 275 (20x9.5) up front and a 305/315 (20x11) in the rear?
  14. I have 2 chairs in my trunk and the factory subwoofer just gets in the way when trying to put the chairs back in. I could live with that kicker system because it is more flush with the wheel well and not sticking out as much as the factory 1000. Where would someone find this Shelby Kicker Subwoofer? I looked on ShelbyStore.com and couldnt find it. Also would this be a plug and play replacement for the Shaker 1000 or would i need to do some wiring?
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