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  1. About a month ago I posted this question in the Mountain Region section of this forum, but did not get an answer. A friend saw a "Save this Date" posting on Face Book about a "Team Shelby Mountain Region Nations" event in Boulder, Colorado, on August 31 and September 1, 2019. No other info was given. I do not do Face Book. The Shelby American Collection in Boulder is having their annual party and car show on August 31. Their event is always great fun and worth attending. Does anyone have any information on this other possible event that weekend?
  2. A friend saw a "save this date" notice on Facebook about a "Team Shelby Mountain Region Nationals" event to be held in Boulder, Colorado on August 31 and September 1, 2019. I don't do Facebook. I know that the Shelby American Collection in Boulder is having their annual show and party on August 31. Does anyone have any info on this other possible event that weekend?
  3. HorseFeathers is a nice little show. Getting three CSX4000-Series Cobras is pretty good. Much better Cobra turnout then Team Shelby gets at the Las Vegas Bashes. It is really too bad that more CSX Cobra owners don't get together at shows. By the way, what is a "Cobra" ?
  4. Tom has been working on these continuation Cobras since Shelby started making them in the mid-1990s. He probably knows more about them than anyone else. If Tom says the Goodyears will not fit, then they will not fit. I visited his shop a few weeks ago. One of the things we talked about was this tire fit problem on the newer FIA Cobras coming from South Africa. By the way, I looked at your Cobra, it looks great!
  5. Let's talk about COBRAs and rollbars. COBRAs have been racing for almost 50 years with the single hoop 3-point bar behind the driver only. You can go to any vintage racing event today and see them -- no problems. So, throwing a fit because COBRAs might be out on the track is misplaced. Let's also remember that 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of the Shelby COBRA, not the Ford Mustang. So, what is the verdict about allowing COBRAs with the original 3-point bar out on the track? If more bar is required, 99.9 percent of COBRAs will be "banned" from the track on their Birthday. What a shame!
  6. Had the same problem several years ago, but not as bad (no puddle). Have a friend that had leakers on his Cobra too. I replaced the front and rear shocks with Billsteins and new coils. I think my cobra rides and handles better with the Billsteins. CSX4269.
  7. Asked this same question back in 2002 when we bought our Cobra. The answer was not only NO, but HELL NO. We were told that only ONE cast dash plaque is made for each Cobra and that if you lose the one you get, you are up the creek without a shovel. The reason given to us for not making more than one was to reduce the chances of plaques being used on kit cars. Kinda makes sense, don't ya think.
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