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  1. I rented 279 in Las Vegas in around May 30th 2008
  2. Who is it weather in Terlingua looking? I think it might be pretty nice! 😁
  3. dh777


    Looks like it might be a likely candidate for a CS6 or a CS8 to me. The front end looks correct, and it does appears it's a CS6/8 hood and side scoops rather that a Terlingua.
  4. http://www.xsellmotors.com/pre-owned-cars/detail/2007-Ford-Mustang/141287
  5. If there is a problem. I think it will be up front on the elbow.
  6. I curious. I drive my cars, not daily, but enjoyably, on the track and cruises etc. For those who have commented they don't want things touching their paint, how to you clean your car in the first place. Do you not use a wool mitt or something. How in the world can you get road grime, bugs etc. off you car if you can't use something to wipe it off? On top of that don't you use something when you use detailing spray? I'm a little confused on what is so terribly wrong with using an occasional duster of a clean water blade on a clean car if at the same time you use a wool mitt to wash and detail.
  7. I use water first and then air. If you gently apply water on your car with no spray attachments, water should just roll off you car it you have a good paint protection system on it. I found this video that kind of shows what I'm talking about. https://youtu.be/LpdUrDlN55I
  8. Not one of the 39. This is a GT500 that was previously owned by a friend of mine, although it did not look like that when he sold it.
  9. I've always wondered if the number on the COA meant anything. Do they actually keep a registry on what the COA was for when it was issued? I think they should - but do they really?
  10. Oh - I forgot. I have 2010 SVT wheels that are 18X9.5 that I use for my track tires and they fit over rear Extremes. I don't have a rear picture, but here is a front. I'm not sure if this is what you are really looking for, but I thought I would throw it out there.
  11. 18s are going to be tough. I run staggered 18's and my wider GT4s would not even fit over the 14" EradiSpeed rotors that Baer has. The front GT4s fit over my Baer Extremes on the front - and I'm pretty sure if I had the skinnier GT4s on the back it would probably make it over the Extremes. It's kind of hard to find GT4s anymore though.
  12. That is interesting. But unless there are missing numbers I would think it is 171 since I was given the CSM of 16H0171 or 172 if you take into account 16H001C
  13. I contacted Mecum. The car pictured is 16H018 which I rented and had 169 miles on it when I turned it in. So I was wondering if that was the car for sale. If you transpose the 4th and 5th digit of the VIN they gave me it is for 16H018. I have since contacted them again since That VIN did not go with #171. They have now given me a different VIN of 1FA6P8CF2G5269625. They are suppose to get back with me on the CSM and mileage. Really strange things are happening. I'm wondering why they would even have the VIN for #18 other than it is the car in the picture. There are no pictures of the VIN.
  14. https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0117-280834/2016-ford-shelby-gt-h/ FYI - The car that is at the auction is CSM 16H0171 VIN 1FAP68CF6G5295516 and has 51 miles on it. It is not the car in the picture.
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