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  1. where did the pics go racer i want to see.
  2. nice. welcome. now get the pics.
  3. nice job it looks great and congrats on the win.
  4. nice its good that the shelby dodges are starting to get a bit more attention.
  5. looks great and great place for the memorial.
  6. Thanks for the heads up i ordered 3 sets i can give 1 or two as gifts this christmas.
  7. Nice man i really need to get it done I have loved the idea of it since they started it.
  8. Looks great i am going to have to get this done soon. Do the side bolsters help hold you in the twistys better?
  9. i would paint them i am having mine changed again because of fading this will be the last time next time they get painted.
  10. Nice. Oh and my DD Kia Soul is also http://money.cnn.com...-quality/3.html. Dont laugh minnesota salts the roads so my winter cars are cheap because they get eaten up and it gets 40+ MPG but trust me the shelby get his time to run when its nice out and the salts all gone.
  11. why not keep it up some of us have expressed our liking of it and i for one would like to see it remain here.
  12. Don't try and go over any speed bumps they are all different heights and just because you make it over one doesn't mean you will clear another.
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