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  1. Jim, If you look at my profile, by clicking on my name,(left column, above the Shelby logo), see if you are able to view my "Gallery" Sam
  2. Weird, all of the photos are in my gallery album, but aren't showing up here. Sam
  3. Hey Jim, let me dig around and see if I can get you the pictures!
  4. Oh, the stroker came from a drag car and the Tiger was impossible to drive until it was re-cammed! About 400 or so horses and a real scream to drive now! Currently building something a bit milder (331) to make it a tad more liveable! Sam
  5. The original owner pulled mine out of a junkyard and spent 20 plus years building it up to the condition you see here! Only raced a couple of times, never at Pikes Peak! Incidently, Maxwell Smart drove an Alpine that had Tiger badges - they needed room under the hood for the pop up machine gun and the V-8 wouldn’t have worked, hence the Alpine with V-8 sound dubbed in! Sam
  6. There’s a rumor floating around that someone is working with Scott Drake to produce some of those no longer available parts SGT owners crave. Wait and see! Sam
  7. Median prices are in the 20’s. Heck, I’ve got mine up for $20k, and I think that’s a bargain for all the goodies, even with 64k miles! Sam
  8. I supercharged my SGT myself at home! Went with the Edelbrock EForce. Straight forward install, a couple of minor hiccups, but the reward was plentiful, smooth, sneaky, POWER! She has a tick over 64k miles on her now - and is also for sale, as I have other projects keeping me busy! (See SGT classified ads) Sam
  9. 1966 Mark 1A with a 347 Stroker!
  10. You should have seen my little "shortcut" on the back straight bus-stop! Sam
  11. I changed stock rotors for the same sized drilled/slotted Baer Decelarotors and more aggressive pads, along with stainless lines and high temp fluid. I now have the GT500 Brembos, so the barely used Baer rotors are sitting in my garage - anybody want them? Say $100 plus shipping for all four? Sam
  12. Yep, cold tires, was having trouble myself! Sam
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