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  1. Anyone have info on a front shock tower brace that will fit over the Whipple SC in a 08 GT/SC? Shelby store didn't have anything.
  2. I'm getting ready to replace tires on my GT/SC with factory 18"x8.5" rims. Stock tires are 235/50/ZR18 and I would like to try to increase to 255/50/ZR18. Has anyone been successful with this size without any tire rub?
  3. Looking for car activity in the Steamboat CO area other than the RMMR in June. Anyone know of anything going on this year?
  4. My 08 GT/SC has Ford Racing valve covers and when I start up a small amount of oil drips down the valve cover on the header. The hose also appears to have condensation on it but when wiped with a rag it looks like oil also. Could this be a pcv issue or the valve cover doesn't have a baffle below the pcv opening?
  5. 08SGT1449 Mountain Region. Any activity is the Steamboat CO area other than RMMR in June?
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