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  1. [s ha re dm ed ia =c or e: at ta ch me nt s: 85 994]
  2. well,,, I guess I was right in a somewhat kinda way ,,lol,, glad to see it happening again ,,the 50th is born .
  3. still not seeing the link / the part at SSP ,, can someone post a link to it ,, thanks
  4. where ,,,I don't see them ,in the brake parts ?
  5. OK,, does anyone have a picture of the " Shelby Racing Team " decal that is for sale in the Shelby parts store here , please post a picture , or email me a picture , at RMSwitzer@cableone.net . why doesn't Shelby Parts have a picture posted ??? thanks .
  6. The new A/C coil has a radiator look about it ,, YES its the upgrade from Ford , you can no longer get the older style type , Ford longer makes it ,, and this one is supposed too be a better design , I added the Shelby touch to mine , lol,, ,,,,, ,,, just had to,, before install ,, cost of the new A/C coil from Ford is around $180.00 ,, then another $100 for install / recharge , at a A/C car shop ,, I'm very happy with it now ,, it doesn't have the old cheap easy bend fins anymore ,
  7. sorry for being so slow guys ,, again thanks for looking in ,, take care all . stay safe .
  8. Here are a few pictures of a few mods I did this pass month , thanks for looking in , take care all ,, it was the 8 year old thing ,,time to change out a few things . had the front bumper off and repainted too ,, new Ford head lights and turn signals too , I also moved the Ford stock horn to the drive side just behind the front bumper ,, you can't see it now ,,lol
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