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  1. Is this still working??

    I thought this account was banned??


  2. Kaylan, The injectors are 30#..........damn things have 150 miles on them, LMAO. Dave, XZ is characterized by hot summers and severe winters. They don't call XZ the "snow belt" for nothin'! 68, After my stint in the paint department, I absolutely refuse to work with chemicals of any kind. I'm honestly surprised that I haven't sprouted extra organs or something after being exposed to toluene, and those wonderful isocyanates. The PPE that I was provided with was marginal at best, so I always worry about the long term results of messing with that stuff. As far as the car, every compone
  3. We'd love to join you! We're expecting another 3-6" of snow tonight, which might hinder my plans to attach the reindeer to the Mustang prior to tearing it apart. Oh well..........I feel ambitious, and that $1500 will come in REALLY handy if I can get rid of the stuff before Xmas.
  4. Ok, I say ya'll should show up tomorrow with about four pizzas. I've convinced Jerry to go buy some Kerosene, and he's agreed to allow me to begin dismantling the GT, so long as I don't try to lift anything. :happy feet: I'd like to pluck the engine while it's completely assembled. Once on the stand, I need to remove the injectors (they're for sale), the Anderson cam (also for sale), and all of the other supporting hardware (not for sale). I'd like to get the shortblock ready to go by the weekend (because you guessed it..........it's also for sale, LOL). Tonight is crunch time. Stupi
  5. Joe, check your email, lover. Not having a PM system is a real PITFA.
  6. I am going to miss you again. Come back soon!

  7. The movie is definitely worth watching. It's definitely not as graphic as the critics made it out to be, but by the same token, it's not something you'd wanna watch with a house full of kids, either. I actually ended up feeling sorry for Bob. Poor guy. He was a very wholesome family man, until he encountered this freaky guy. Freaky guy then rides Bob's coat tails, because the fact is, Bob Crane is the reason he's getting laid in the first place. Dude gets jealous and crazy, and well, I can't really tell you the rest, or it'll spoil the movie for ya.
  8. You know how it goes............for the 3 minutes each day that I'm not on MySpace with the rest of the tweens, I have to find ways to occupy myself. Auto Focus is a movie about the mysterious death of Bob Crane. It's pretty twisted, and I never would have imagined the movie ending in the fashion that it did. It's very American Beauty-esque, IMO.
  9. In light of your avatars, I urge you both to go rent "Auto Focus". It's a great movie.
  10. Seafood pizza is the best. There's a place we go to in PA that makes a pizza with white sauce, lobster and mussels. Delectable!
  11. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure ya didn't. Bully. E-thug.
  12. I'm addicted to these damn beans! They're sold in little bitty boxes at Starbucks. Covered in dark chocolate, they're a delectable treat, and I think my fetus appreciates them. After all, it's the demands of the egglet that are making me do this! I'm an insomniac by nature, so yes, this adds to the problem. Thanks so much for the custom built pizza, Mr. 5000!
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