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  1. Cool, not as collectible as the magazine but this will be greatly appreciated by everyone. Great articles too.
  2. Wish I would have seen this post sooner. We are in Orlando but put on a fantastic event at Daytona every year in December. Unfortunately it was 2 weeks ago. I also attend Sebring and hope to make the Firm soon. Check out Motorsports Reg.com if you have not already. A great resource.
  3. We scored the same suite as last year! VIP Whiskey Room 2018!
  4. There will also be a registration at Stoneys for those arriving later from Palm Springs, so if some miss the SAI closing, Stoneys will have all.
  5. I am not saying there may not be something happening, but if there is, it will be through South Atlantic. I am planning on going.
  6. Hello Ray. I am over in Orlando area. No, no Team Shelby Package for Palm Beach. Contact Bob Zinzell. He will know.
  7. Not only does my wife own the 2013 GT500 but also tracks with me at Miami/Homestead Speedway/Daytona International/Spring Mountain and Roebling Rd. We love going to the track, shows and all the friends along the way. We started with Chevelles 20 years ago but been nothing but Shelby for the last 10.
  8. This year will be the beginning of a new Era for Team Shelby. I can feel great things coming with new partnerships and so many amazing events planned. See you all soon enough, but not soon enough! Go Team Shelby!
  9. Join us on Saturday, December 1st at 12:20pm to line up for the TEAM SHELBY photo shoot on the Finish Line at Daytona International Speedway. This is a once in a lifetime chance for some great photos and you can also sign up for one of 3 days of track time. Register at MotorsportsReg.com. We all parked next to Dean Martin and the KoHR Performance Race Team, last month. It was amazing and it is a fast track and very easy once you get the butterflies out on the angled banking. ENJOY THE NEW YEAR! Hans and Family
  10. Please bring it! Yes, it will be admired by many, especially if tracking it. I know I will!
  11. Brian, looking forward to expanding the Winged 7 this year! Room is booked. Will you be trying for the Palm Springs trip? Team Shelby Racing is comin around the mountain, driving a lot of horses! Keep an eye out for the Brand announcement soon!
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