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  1. I've been a frequent visitor and supporter of the Shelby American Collection museum in Boulder, CO for many years now. I attended their annual fundraiser party for many years. Unfortunately this year I wasn't going to be able to make it due to a conflict with the Roger Waters concert but that's irrelevant since both were cancelled. In any case a number of years ago they started raffling off a Shelby GT500, then the GT350 and now they are back to the GT500. In the early raffles you had a real chance since they didn't advertise too widely and barely sold enough tickets to cover the thresho
  2. Ford does publish them, not Shelby. Google "ford production numbers". There is a site somewhere that had a topic that linked to every one I could imagine...
  3. This could be a good question for Shelby American. I'd call them because they don't monitor the technical parts of the forum any more. You might need to go as high as Gary Patterson to get to the institutional memory of what's different in the KR and how it would interact with the clutch. Another, probably more productive, approach would be to try one of the other Ford forums and try to figure out why the clutch requires a different tune. Good luck.
  4. The above post seemed to take but at the end instead of returning to the thread and my post I got the same error.
  5. Is the migration in progress? On most actions to open a subforum or unread topic I get an error: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 Yesterday it was on everything, now today some people seem to be able to post to topics I cannot even open. In addition, my PMs give the same error. (We'll see if this is one I can write to !)
  6. Yep. I agree. I said a few years ago that the new grill on the Lexus looked like the mouth of a catfish flopping around on the bank. Now they all look like that. I saw a new Jaguar today. They totally ruined it.
  7. Same or different? Forum rules require YOU to add a price to your ad.
  8. Forum rules require sellers to have a price in their for sale ads. PS. If it's just surface rust your chances of a sale are much greater if you put a little muscle on a brillo pad and polish them up a little. PPS. Didn't I see this same thing yesterday?
  9. Did you look up the code? It says it's a ROM checksum failure. How old is the battery? Mine was always on a tender but after 7 years even thought the tender claimed all was OK, the tell tale sign on the Ford GT was intermittent gauges. It could also be caused by a faulty ground. Make sure the ground cable from the battery is making a good connection.
  10. Your best bet is to call Shelby American in Vegas and ask.
  11. We did have some coyotes make a den in the "outback" as I called it. We could hear them and also see them and their little ones playing. It was at the other end of the mountain. It was a plastic feeder so I just bought a new one. The discussion about the GT500 really belongs in one of the 500 forums, but whatever floats your boat. Starting soon all of this will disappear every week or so and started over so consider that. Nothing since Monday will be moved anyway.
  12. The 13 & 14 GT500s were about as good as the GT500 could get. Up until those years, everyone talked about all the power and handling mods they were doing. Everyone left the 13 & 14 pretty much alone. I don't think it was because there was no interest but because just about everything that could be done had already been done at the factory. Of course there were things but the traditional tuner aftermarket pretty much was non existent.
  13. It was open space behind our house to the ridge where the hawks nested. About 1/4 - 1/3 mile of rocks and low lying scrub brush. Plenty of stuff for the hawks to eat. I saw them swoop down and grab a snake sunning on rocks multiple times. One person reported hearing their little yipper dog give a yip and saw it flying away courtesy of a hawk. We had rabbits in the back yard and the population slowly went down. People generally kept their small pets inside. Our cats only got to go out when supervised for short play breaks. We also had bears. One neighbor had a fountain tha
  14. When I was building my spec house the hawks had a nest. I could see them through the binoculars. Then one morning I went down to the house to do some work and this was hanging out on the neighbor's railing. It had just been booted from the nest. It did eventually fly away. Note the downy tail feathers.
  15. The best birds were in New England. Cardinals, Blue Jays, and all sorts of songbirds. We had feeders full of sunflower seeds (straight in the winder, seed mix in spring and fall). The squirrels found the feeders and soon would empty the sunflower seeds overnight. I started putting chili powder in with the seeds. The hot sensation only affects mammals with saliva glands so the birds never cared and after the first time the squirrels stayed away. We didn't care about the benefits of the birds over the down side of the winters so moved back to Colorado. We had birds there too, mostly
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