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  1. Every year more and more Shelbys @ Mustang Week! Congrats on the "Best Specialty" ..Gamblers2. Glad to see it went to a Shelby again!
  2. My "other car" is a Focus. Will we be able to buy Shelby parts for them?
  3. cool... I didnt know about that sales brochure, so I just grabbed one of them.
  4. Congrats.... It's a great car and you will enjoy it for sure! I have a white 5 speed!
  5. $50,000.... wonder if he will come down a little on the price..... maybe $500? LOL
  6. With all of the talk about the new cars hitting top speed, I have a question. Whats the top speed on Sgt's? Anyone top out their car, I bet a few did!
  7. Mustang Week is always hot but so much fun. Hopefully you had a chance to enjoy the area sights and the sounds of Stangs!
  8. Sorry, I have nothing "NEW" in the works right now. Just what I have on the web site for now
  9. Yes everyone, I'm here. I am licensed by Shelby Licensing (for a year now) and I have an 07 SGT. Some of you might have seen me at shows in SC. I'll be at Mustang Week so if anyone wants anything let me know and we can meet there.
  10. Hmm, I like the "natural" look now that I have seen them! My SGT is white too and have been on the fence about changing tires/wheels. This is great info here.... Richie
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