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    Former Shelby American Vice President. I love my wife, my dogs, cars, and music. I'm back in the music biz now, working with the world's best. Send me a "Friend Request" on Facebook.

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  1. Yeah... someone is confusing the embroidered headrests for the Full Interior Upgrade, I think. Once again, a dealer gets it wrong. Sigh... Jer
  2. Yes, it was a cute, fun set. Came in a matching "tool bag". Not pro-quality tools, but not really "junk". OK, maybe kinda junky, but they looked cool! I have one, don't know if anyone else still does... Jer
  3. Good for you! Thanks for sharing! Jer
  4. Good for you. That gearing definitely makes the car feel "snappier". The only time it's not optimal is with a Whipple blower. THEN, the 3.73 is the "right" gearing. The 4.10 makes first gear way too short on a blower car. Underdrive pullies are also a noticeable difference with your setup, BTW. If you don't have them already, they are a cheap use of physics to grab you a few more HP. And, I wouldn't be me if I didn't recommend upgrading the brakes and installing a Watt's link. Enjoy your car! Jer
  5. What an honor! The man himself! BTW, I did the same thing with the digital angle gauge! LOL.... Don't remember if Jim taught me that, or not! So........ How does it DRIVE? (More like, did YOU notice the difference?) Jer
  6. None. They retain heat, and could cause a serious issue if they interfered with your brakes. Don't do it.
  7. By the way, I almost forgot... forgive me... Congratulations on buying such a wonderful car! Welcome to the family! Jer
  8. My advice? Grab a secondhand Mustang trunklid from a boneyard (cheaper than dirt), have it painted Vista Blue, and restripe and re-letter it. Back to stock! Jer
  9. KILL IT WITH FIRE! (Sorry, just having a bit of fun there...) Yeah, part of the Shelby GT charm is that it mimics the smooth tail of the original GT350. Spoiler? Hell, no. Just my 2 cents. Jer
  10. Please contact Jim Fay at 920.279.0875 8 am to 8 pm Central Time jim@fays2.net
  11. If you have clearance issues, put the bolt in the other way. The flat, shallow side toward the diff cover. I didn't need Locktite. (Not my car, BTW, just a photo I could find quickly to help you). Jer
  12. Don’t get cold feet. The Watts is far superior. Night and day, even in everyday driving. Jer
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