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  1. I wish my dad had been a car guy like yours! Any chance he'd wanna adopt another son ? Great collection
  2. C&C Irvine was a catalyst to dozens of other C&C spinoffs all over the country. I went hundreds of times going back to it's start at the Starbucks in Crystal Cove. In all that time, I never had a bad experience there Some poaching by the 'emission s police' who were pulling over and inspecting underhoods of modded cars as they exited was a chickenshi! move by the city of Irvine but that was really no fault of the C&C group. I was there on December 20th event, lot was full by 615 as was the parking structure so naturally we spilled into the parking lot of the new Marriott hotel
  3. Since the powers that be have included an actual track event at Spring Mountain I'm in after a short hiatus thru the era of 'parade style Bashes' This will be #6 for me AJ
  4. I've had an exceedingly good time at the 5 bash events I've attended but I gotta say my cars are not trailer queens, they LIKE to be driven hard and compete, heck they dont always *finish* the race but that's racing right?? If there's no track event, I'm gonna have to pass this year and hope that next year managment will remember what Mr Shelby and his teams built these cars for...
  5. The way these threads go there is speculation and then some opions thrown in with some ideas and conjecture. I guess I am not regular enough to know for sure who is posting from actual fact and knowledge... So it does sound like MM set up the PS Caddyshack event and drive out the following morning, I'm in for that But then someone else said no track this year?? I barely fit in in my 25 YO Shelby, take away the track event and I'm just a red headed stepchild at a SVB
  6. How was it Dan? I couldn't get my schedule or my act together in time to participate
  7. Hey Michael, I'd still love to go as Fontana is my 'home track' and I didn't get much track time at the bash New upgraded clutch is installed and has a couple hundred brek in miles on it and is working perfectly. Do you think you could apply the needed nudge to administration so I could attend? You know my issue, yes, it's a Shelby but no, it's not blue oval powered
  8. I think I'm the worlds worst trip planner, always last minute and I always forget something. This years bash it was the cahrger for my camera, since I only break out my little PHD camera (Push Here Dummy) a few times a year, the battery had enough to take about 2.5 pictures. SO that left me with just the cell phone pics which are less than stellar. THANK YOU so much for your effort in shooting so many great pics David. The best ones I have of the GLHS at the bash are the ones you took. Awesome! New clutch is installed and I'm ready to survive on track longer than juszt one session at the
  9. The front strait away speed on the 1000 was beyond incredible,no other car on track that day (that I saw anyway) lept outta the corner like that. Let's hope the 1200 has a bit higher temp brake pads AND that Wilwood warranties the rotors that Patterson,uh,durability tested...
  10. Don't think I can make Wednesday night stay but I'll get up way early and make the run with the gang. Should be fun! Also I don't see a thread to ask a question about the track events in Vegas so maybe someone here knows?? Will there be transponders for rent trackside in Vegas. Yes, I understand it's an "On track experience" and not a race but with lap times we don't have nearly as much passing/attempts to pass. Transponders make a track event safer overall.
  11. I think I'm in! It would be #3.5 for me, in '08 I went along for the ride as there were no official tickets left, in '09 I did the full tour, great times, and again in '10 had fun. In '11 and '12 my personal life was kinda uh, chaotic but as of now, I don't need 'permission' anymore ;-) So I think '13 is calling out to me...
  12. My 1987 Shelby GLHS is one of only 1000 of these cars ever made, it's actually a 1 of 2 cars that was optioned in red, If I could get sticker price for it ($12,995.) I'd be pretty stoked! I didn't buy it for equity, heck I was 19, doubt I even knew the word back then! I bought it to drive it, and enjoy it, I have and I do. It kicks a$$ some of you have seen it at the TS Vegas events, the resale value is soooo far down on my list of why I have kept the car nearly 25 years... Alan
  13. Uh, maybe it was because i was like 10 at the time but I always liked the Mustang II's Can't say I've ever seen the Shelby edition tho Any ideas on production numbers? Alan
  14. I've heard great things about this track from the few people I know that have raced it. So seeing as Shelby #1 (red/black GLHS) cracked the block at the last TS Fontana Auto Club race last year and some parts are still at the machine shop and Shelby #2 (black Shelby Rampage) went a little lean in Vegas earlier this year resulting in a holed piston, it was down to the Shelby Daytona. Not exactly fast or race prepped but a couple handling bits and a baffled oil pan thrown at it in the last week would hopefully keep me from being lapped in it. Got clearance from the boss at home to do a one
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