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  1. I've been around racing all of my life. I competitively raced motox but never did vehicles. I saw too much carnage and I just can't bring myself to expose my vehicle to the risk. I do enjoy open tracking. I commend you for your aspirations. I'm not quite sure how to respond to someone wanting insurance in a race. I am reading that to not mean a track day or club event, but true wheel to wheel competition. This kind of self-explains itself. Nobody is going to take that risk in a 100% competition environment. And if you are wrecked by someone else they aren't going to pay or reimburse y
  2. I was with a friend that had his 350R towed with a flat bed and it would NOT go on the flatbed from the ground. The wrecker guy had to get some rubber pads he had that were about 2'x3' and a couple inches thick. He used a few on each side to minimize the angle from ground to bed and even then the front spoiler scraped a little going up. It was a lot of work and took him a while to get up. Off was just as much hassle. Tom
  3. I just purchased a set of used KR rims with original tires (as I understand it). I was able to get them with center caps and tires for $1200. A friend picked them up a few weeks ago and he brought them to me a few days ago. I've got a few questions. Are the front and rear RIMS the same size? From memory, the tires were specific to the KR. How can they be identified as correct KR tires? Do these have the Durabrite finish? Upon closer inspection one of the rims has a deep gouge a couple inches long right on the front of the spoke. What do single rims go for? Anybody got
  4. I recommend checking on the Team Shelby Southern Plains Region facebook page. It has more activity than here. I do believe there was some information on this. Tom
  5. Silverhorse are the nicest out there. They are original on the CJ race car offered through Ford Racing. Tom
  6. Send it to Vegas and let Shelby mod it with the documentation. I don't think you would hurt value at all. In fact, it may increase the value over a stock 40th. Tom
  7. I have a 2014 with a stock motor, SVT Performance Package but NO Track Pack. Mine is fine for 20 minute sessions in 90* heat in Texas. And, I run mine pretty hard. I would think you will be fine. If you have the Track Pack definitely no problem with the extra coolers. Tom
  8. I have a 2014 GT500 with a stock 5.8 and am running Bob's on the passenger side as well. I enjoy the car but don't beat on it continuously. I check it every 1,500 miles or so and get a couple teaspoons out. I would have all of that down in my intercooler so I believe it is worth it and doing a good job. I wouldn't have one without it. Tom
  9. The red stripe package was available on white and black cars, both body styles. It was an appearance package. I am sure there are numbers out there on the production run. Do more internet searching. Tom
  10. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I am not talking about a car sent to SAI for conversion. I am talking about 07-09 convertibles from the factory. Not dealer-added stripes. I am wanting to know if convertibles for these years were FACTORY equipped with top stripes. Tom
  11. I have seen pictures of some convertibles with top stripes on the bumpers, hood and trunk lid. Was this available from the factory? Does anyone have the order guides for these 3 years they could post as downloadable pdfs? Tom
  12. Also keep in mind 13 base seats did NOT have heat but that was an option. For 14 base seats included heat standard. The button is on the center stack so that would need to be investigated as well. Tom
  13. To the OP, the fact you are getting a convertible also helps insulate from the 2020+ unless Ford decides to offer a convertible Shelby. Right now, vert lovers are stuck with 07-14 only. Tom
  14. The OEM rim is 20x9.5. 295/35 is the widest you should properly install. Others go larger, but they end up wrapping on the sidewall and the effective contact patch with the ground is often equal or less that a properly sized tire. Tom
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