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  1. I've had it for some time, I'm looking at less and less here because of it.
  2. It would , but my understanding of the area it was sighted in is a trailer park in a rough part of the town its in. Really rough, bad survival movie rough. If I had access to a good drone, I might consider a fly over, but the drone might not make it back in one piece.
  3. Would love to see it. Small stuff is about all I still have room left for. Even the walls are starting to get full up!
  4. It was a true 'R' code car, with the 427 2x4 bbl carbs 4 speed and 4:11s. He held the national record for his class in this car for a time. There are rumors that the car still exists, in a tail park in south LA., no less. But it could be the six cylinder donor car that gave up part to update this car to '67 specs.
  5. This i sa small peak at my latest project I just wrapped up. The actual car belonged to a local racer who was sponsored by the dealership he worked for at the time. He actually held the national record in his class with this actual car. After completing it, I presented it to him as a gift and was speechless. I've known his son since junior high and him for over a dozen years. After this car he ran a Super Cobra Jet Mustang and a Maverick, but this was the car that meant the most to him. The first photo of the actual car is at it was campaigned in early 66. Later the hood was changed, the graph
  6. Yesa, I've gone through some of the same recently. Found a number of Hot Wheels RLC cars I'd forgotten I had as well as some earlier SVT brochures as lwel as a Cosworth Vega brochure I thought I had given away to a Cosworth owner.
  7. Was very happy to be the winner of one of the auctions. The item was well packed to prevent damage and arrived in a very timely manner. I'll be leaving positive feedback for Vernon but I wanted to share my experience with those here so you can know you're buying from a good seller.
  8. Always more value in the package, and of those are great pieces .
  9. And our very own Bill Hamilton gets into the fun!!! https://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/quick-look/2020/08/table-top-car-show-4.html
  10. The Fairlane I'm working on now is going to the driver of the actual car as well. He was a racer who was sponsored by a local dealership and held a number of records at the time in the same car, a ''66 (later converted to a '67) with a 427 2x4v 4 speed car with 4:11s. He still has the manufacturer of origin paperwork on the car. He later campaigned a '69 Cobra Jet Mach 1.
  11. Actually did give it to him, I sent it to his hotel room as a surprise during the Carlisle show! The original kit did not come with a shaker, or exhaust tips, so I had to fab and replicate those items. His car does have the unique blue interior.
  12. My latest build is a replica of a car that belongs to a fellow member, Bill Hamilton. It was a fun and challenging build. Bill's a great friend and has a really nice car.
  13. I managed to get one of the dealer kits with the blower replica, but the owners kit is seriously cool.
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