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  1. Old post but I would add all the stock body kit back to it. The interior is in great shape, it probably was raced. And they remove the wheels and body kit and add the roll bar. Being VNT I would leave it stock and get a 3 bar computer from FWDperformace and a T2/T3 clutch. Then get PT lifters, head studs and MP head gasket from Turbosunleashed. A huge mod they didn't have was a posi, massive when autocrossing and helps with torque steer, Quaife sells a 555 posi for it still. Mine I wanted power so the VNT went away. Teamshelby has Shelby members that have numbers and history on the car. SDAC i
  2. The 87 Shelby Chargers were 2011 units, the last 1000 of these went to Shelby for a GLHS conversion. They were a short carry over, the GLH was already gone in 87. So they pushed all of the cars through in one order. We have had 2 87s and 2 GLHSs. One thing to notice is the lack of a center console, the L body not to have them. I started racing them in the 80s, my first actually being the 87 SC. They were pushed out quickly and the line killed, they were built the same except color. They were having a hard time selling anything at that price without AC and other extras like sunroof. The early c
  3. The highest GLHS price tag at auction was 70K but it wasn't in the US but in the middle east years back. 40-60 sure would be great for the US though.
  4. http://www.gusjohnsonford.com/auto/used-2013-ford-focus-st-spokane_valley-99212-wa/3889784/ The local Ford dealer in Spokane has a Shelby Focus with 2000 miles on it.
  5. When Dodge made the SRT 4 Neon based car and Ford has made the ST they are bottom level cars for the companys. The GLHS did so well because it was the companys top level car like the STi is to Sube and the EVO is to Mitsu. In truth though there wasn't much on the road that out cornered the Shelby Dodges. I have my muscle cars still, they are lucky to end up in handling where the Shelbys start out. My 89 amazes kids driving modded STi's because of the handling and breaking. It does suck today though to autocross the CSX, it is in street prepared A class because of what it was new. I wonder how
  6. I wouldn't cut the car or drill holes to get a gauge. You can buy a dual gage pod for the pillar then add the boost controller / wideband to it and the multi gauge for other stuff. If the car still runs the tiny VNT you need to leave it stock and get a 3 bar computer. If you raise the VS of the engine at all the flow change wipes out turbo control. So you'll want to decide leave it stock of change the turbo. I just got a SCG-1 and a multi gauge to make it easy. My 89 is a recaro car #187, great cars.
  7. Todays younger people that love compacts think a 4 door is a desirable race car......... Can't under stand why anyone would want my 86 more. I in fact had a 2 door and loved it when I bought my 86 and I got the 86 because I was raising 3 boys on my own and wanted them all to have their own doors lol. Other than my 89 CSX that I love the car to own is the 87 GLHS, can't see why they lack the love. Last nice one here in town the kid sold it because he wanted 4 doors lol, confused....
  8. Being a Muscle car guy first, owning a 65 Mustang as a first car, 72 340 Rally Challenger as a second and building and racing them years later I can tell you that except for the Cobras the early Mustangs sucked. The 65 GT 350 ran 15.7 and the GT500KR ran 14.85, both behind the GLHS's even at the drag strip. The 289 heads have TINY PORTS, unreal tiny. The 289 needed serious work to run, today you throw the stock heads in the trash and buy real ones. The KR was a heavy pig, Shelby liked building that the same as he liked building the Lancer, not at all. My 70 Challenger as a base model R/T came
  9. One of the big down sides to the 318 TBI has been the heads. They flow terrible and even worse they crack up and die. You end up with a dead hole. Then the intakes are a double runner POS that is very heavy. Though the runners look wide and like a 2 barrel they are only half as deep or less. The Magnum head flows better than the old 340 X head and has a tiny chambers. So what you need to know is. Magnum and LA Shelby Dakota lifters are the same lifters when you buy them today. New lifters have the oil holes most original TBI lifters don't. As they interchange with Magnums they all get
  10. I like the car, really like the ST too, may get one lol. But even though yes a FWD hatch like the GLHS. BUT the 86 GLHS ran the 1/4 where the 4 bangers of the time just about ran the 0-60. It also beat big money "super cars" of the time. 14.7 quarter mile for the 86 GLHS and the GTi ran 0-60 at 14.1 seconds and the CRX Si ran 13.8....... So the GLHS was the Super Snake,,, of the time. The Focus is just something they are playing around with at the moment. Turn it up to 450 HP rated and the car will sell.
  11. I own the 86 GLHS and the 89 CSX, the CSX in 89 is easily the top car. The issue with all Shelbys is that the more "caveman" they are the more people love them. I love my 86 but it defines crude. The 89 CSX is still today the F40 of all FWD cars ever made, there just hasn't been a nicer more balanced FWD ever. Adding the interior, body kit and the suspension on the car and it is incredible from all angles. But, roll down the window and listen to the side exhaust 3" exhaust on the 86 and go terrorize. Mine used to run high 12s at 110 on the daily radials, even today it is very rare to find some
  12. ah the bent parts on the end go towards the hood, not the engine. Really can't go on more than 2 ways though.... Should be obvious that the flange's go up. I think the thing hits the intake too BTW up side down. I leave mine off anyway, bleeds heat and air out of the engine compartment.
  13. I have this mag, good artical. On other forums it has been discussed many times. One of those discussions says the car had some ported racing head on it and other work for flow. Flat out lie. The reason has to do with the turbo. It is long known that racing exhaust or porting or even a 2.5 short block nets you no turbo control and the little VNT boost creeps. So the only real thing that could have been done is a 3 bar map computer with bigger injectors, leaving it stock otherwise. But they talk about the boost level in the article so that tosses that idea too. Living in the northwest and next
  14. Like driving a big wheels toy with plastic tires lol, lots of slide and no body roll lol. Nice aarticle few little things though that were off though but not much. Like a CSX T with 146 hp, had a bit more. Surprised the car in the Museum doesn't have the Recaro option? Have to say now that I am older and many years construction behind me the standard seats would be nicer lol. At 5'-8" and 185 lbs I am really too fat to sit in #187 lol.
  15. Great Shelby mag but I have one complaint, always the same storys rehashed over and over. How many different ways can you read about Le Man's? Each mag has the same race history, nothing new. Though the focus is Ford the mag has the other groups in there Too. I am a Dodge Shelby fan clearly. But the problem with Dodge Shelby is that ALL of the racing history is gone. Scott Harvey made big land speed records at El Mirage, AMAZING speed levels past 200, in the 80's with a 4 banger. But other than a book written by a family member nothing. The there is pikes peak, how many years did a Dodge Shelb
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