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  1. It is the same car! That would actually be great! I mean, I can take one, but CSShelbyKid gave you the CSM. In a related note- the CSM is wrong because the car is an 08, not an 07. I’m sure I could probably just hit up the two clowns on ebay selling all the plaques Gary D threw in the dumpster though and see if they have 08trt008...lol Sent you an email Stephen. My email is warrenfaris@yahoo.com if you need to contact me still. sorry guys- don’t come on here very much since resigning as regional director...two new kids and all...
  2. I’ve got Steve’s P001T in my garage- awesome car! There should be 25 available to build in Europe on approved and street legal mustangs there. I don’t know why someone would go through all that extra trouble to ship a non EU car there.
  3. Why do you think my post was anything but genuine? You added a comment and quoted me on a decade old thread-that I didnt even remember btw, and I answered you quickly with information that backed up my post. I simply googled Joan Cole and much information came up. You had said there was no information, and I literally trpyed in her name on a google search. Im not your research assistant. A simple thank you would have sufficed. the Wow-btw comment was a reaction to the fact that Amy Boylan and Cari Cole had replied to this thread since the last time I even saw it, and I thought that w
  4. Are you feeling better? Definitely not the time for hospital stays.
  5. Yes, but if you just google Joan Cole, you will find plenty of leads on that. Here is one book that has her name as Cole- https://books.google.com/books?id=pUPV5FtEh-MC&pg=PA107&lpg=PA107&dq=joan+cole+shelby&source=bl&ots=TRKtrKohIi&sig=ACfU3U26sx8h1yAr0SNC6ajTJuckS7__sw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwirudq9wNvoAhVEM6wKHbnEDZ4Q6AEwEnoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=joan cole shelby&f=false also, right here in this thread you will find a previous President of Shelby American and someone even claiming to be her daughter. Wow-btw.
  6. That has not been released to the public. In fact, Terlingua production has not completed, so i doubt you would get an answer from Shelby American at this point in time. it was linited to 75, 50 here in the states, and 25 in Europe, but that is all we know at the moment.
  7. Hey, 
    Do you have the Felt Shelby? or perhaps you might know someone who does?


  8. Hey everyone! Long time listener, not first time caller....LOL Been a while since Ive logged in, and noticed the changes to the forum. Are the leaderboard points likes from our posts? (The old reputation counter) I still love you all- just been busy with manufacturing new units on the ol' Faris assembly line if you know what I mean. Newest baby girl due in February, because everyone should be having kids pushing 50! 😨
  9. We are familiar with the car and the owner. This particular car was given to the winner of a Bullrun event in 2008, which was televised and sponsored by shelby american. Mr. Wu was told the car's value was 100k, and he makes a Carroll Shelby connection because the car was owned by SA, the company. So, about every other year he sticks it on eBay to see if he can get his 100k out of it. LOL. In a related note, I own the Terlingua raffled off by CSCF, which Carroll's charity bought, and I because Carroll Shelby's name is in the title, I probably have a slightly elevated claim of CS ownership,
  10. I had a box of them at one time, but I think I turned them over to the new director when i resigned. I’ll check with him and have him check here and reach out on this thread.
  11. Wow, that really is an amazing story! Congrats!
  12. Yes, but I was trying to be a little more diplomatic about it- the plaque is not right. in my experience, people wont take our word for it, and usually just want validation. If he is really interested in figuring this out, he needs a call to Steve Thornton.
  13. Thanks for reaching out- your car has a Shelby GT dash plaque, but it looks very rough. I would rreach out to Shelby American and see if their records show that CSM to match your VIN. If you have a 4.6L engine, and its a 2007 or 2008, it might be an SGT with some terlingua parts. Looking at the details of just the first picture, it is missing some items to be a legitimate Terlingua. All Terlinguas were the 4.0L V6 and were offered only on 2005-2009 MY S197 . If that is a v6, it might have been a Terlingua at one time but if you dont have a TRT CSM number, then you dont have any way t
  14. I did not see the CSM, but Chris posted a picture of 55 still in the SA shop. I was not given an option on my gumball number, so I was unaware that was even possible. In the past, CSM numbers were not limited to a certain range for number of builds though either. The 2011 GT350 had numbers all over the place. It isn't anything negative, but if Ed thought 500 was the last in the range of CSMs, I didn't want him disappointed down the line if that didn't turn out that way.
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