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  1. I turn it on occasionally, in case Honey West tries to call. Still says "No Svc".
  2. Got mine on Saturday, just in time for Flag Day BBQ. And what better way to say Flag Day than a pint of Guinness? OK, maybe Pabst Red White and Blue, but they don't make that anymore. The logo would have shown up better.
  3. "HOW … you top'em off is your business. Tacos are like wives..." And who knew more about wives than Carroll Shelby?
  4. "God gave us tacos so we'd have somethin' to eat while the chili pot was bein' washed." Carroll Shelby.
  5. Whole '63 Sebring team wore them. Joan's idea.
  6. For what it's worth, here's Joan at Sebring in 1963, whatever her last name or marital status.
  7. You'd think I would be over my anger issues that they didn't make a convertible. But I'm NOT!
  8. Tried searching YouTube, found a few that were close, look similar to what Robert M described.
  9. Debris took a bite out of my front spoiler. Officially called a Panel 7R3Z-17626-AB. Looks like it should be easy to replace. Has anyone done this? Any pitfalls to lookout for?
  10. Not that hard to compress the picture file. Just have to get math involved. I'm just happy that it is a per post limit. and now back to the car show...
  11. I believe you are correct. Played with the Test topic at the end of the forum and could not duplicate what I thought was wrong. May have tried to add the wrong file or attempted to add two 750KB photos. Looks like 1.17MB maximum per post.
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