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  1. Yes, both Gary Schechner and Patterson will be there, and Sam is already there with the cars. Go say hi and good luck on the KR!
  2. Car is already in Tulsa, OK ready for mid-America. No Photoshop was used here...
  3. I'm not sure where you heard that, but it's not true. Galpin had nothing to do with the design and development of any of the carbon fiber parts on the '15 Shelby GT. Shelby has provided Galpin with a set of prototype splitter and rocker panels that were on one of their SEMA cars last year (the black one with the gold flakes). But it was a courtesy between old friends: they've asked us if we had anything cool for their showcar, and we did. Galpin does have the Rocket, which is a full CF bodied Mustang but that car was designed by Henrik Fisker and built by Galpin, not Shelby. We have always
  4. On the '15 Shelby GT all of the carbon fiber body panels were designed and engineered in house and made by an exclusive supplier. The hood, the front splitter, the rocker panels, the rear diffuser, the spoiler and the mirror covers are all aerospace grade carbon fiber. The billet aluminum grilles (upper and lower) were also designed and developed in house. The new gauge pod is also a Shelby part designed and developed in house, as well as the seat covers. And all of these parts are Made in USA. We work very closely with Ford Racing in integrating their parts (supercharger, Borla exhaust,
  5. Nice car! I hope he finds it a good home.... AJ
  6. Thank you all for the compliments! It's great to know that the SAI team's hard work is not going unnoticed! Please keep the feedback coming, we take them seriously and when we can change for the better, we try to do that. We hope to see you all at the Bash! Thanks again, AJ
  7. Great to have Gary Schechner on board! The management team for SAI's future is coming together nicely! AJ
  8. I don't think we had any GoPros on that car at the time...
  9. Somebody much smarter than I said once: "When it comes to world-views, they are neither right or wrong, they just are..." Once you have your "way better looking" GT500, send it to us so we can turn it into a nice SuperSnake :-) AJ
  10. The grilles on the showcars were brushed billet aluminum, not painted. And yes, we will offer them in various anodized colors... AJ
  11. With the risk of stating the obvious: the term "affordable" is subjective at best. We at Shelby are driving to design, engineer and build much better cars than what you can get from your Ford dealer. We will never build thousands of cars (like with the original SGT and the KR), but will build a few hundred of each special model we come up with. So, we are never going to compete with Ford, they have a business model built on mass production. We on the other hand want to delight every one of our customers in everything we do, even if we are still far away from being good at that (WIP). Howev
  12. As of today that's just speculation. And you can get an SGT in a couple of months, don't have to wait 2 or more years for a car that might not even exist...
  13. I've been trying to kill the hydrodipped parts now for months. But customers keep on ordering them, so just because I don't like them it doesn't mean other people don't like them either... AJ
  14. Reading the projections, oil prices will be low for about 18 months, before starting to climb....
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