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  1. I would settle for just seeing a breakdown of Shelby specific options for the 427 SS, e.g., interior
  2. Yes. He's been working on a a sample for me. We might just need your assist. Thank you very much!!
  3. yes thanks, him and i have spoken, he's been working on matching the right yellow.
  4. ok cool, thanks for replying. i have a few leads. since my SS has them, my wife (Mel) believes her T needs them...
  5. Hi Dutchbunny, where'd you get your rookie stripes? my wife is killing me to put some on her car.
  6. For the record i was not fishing, at all. My wife and i are simply having a disagreement over whether i have the right to sell the car i bought her . I still have the bruises from when i sold her red Roush to help buy my 69 Mach. Now i want to sell her T to help buy a 69 GT 500. I'm shall we say a quick learner. The Terlingua, in my opinion, is the best looking car Shelby has ever built, i just don't have any more space and need another bucket list car. So we wait.
  7. now that's the best thing i've heard all day
  8. Jeff, Not sure what you mean by big splash in a little pond, nor am I clear why you're being so personal but - the post you referred to above ("Closet ...enthusiast") was not mine it was jerseygator's, i simply responded to it. - I did not say I was connect either, i said i spoke to someone that was, or claimed to be, he's been involved in building these, so he seemed credible. I just said what i had heard as far as 22, i did not say it was gospel. I'm glad to know the real amount now from David - I've been to mid America three times, but since i lived in Chicago I flew out just to be
  9. Looks like maybe gray can count......:P Hey i don't know why people get offended, my SS lost a car show once because the judge said white was not even a color at all
  10. actually that is awesome news Maybe now i will go fishing......ROTFLMAO !!
  11. Jeff, most of what you said was true but: 1) The only person on here fishing was the guy that started the post in 2010, who never would meet your request of stating a price 2) This is not a classified section, so no, you do not sell a car here, you PM to take it offline like the administrators request 3) I have bought and sold many collector cars through the years and none occurred without an exchange of at least 20 emails or phone calls and 100 pictures, again the reason you do not do it here 4) Furthermore i did not say PM me for a price, i said PM me if you're interested knowing tha
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