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  1. I like this one better...………………………
  2. Just put a Fan on the Handlebars and you'd be set for that little heatwave...………...
  3. Has anyone here bought one of these yet? Calling on Bike Dude........... https://www.vintageelectricbikes.com/products/vintage-electric-shelby?variant=30770164138124
  4. When I first saw that a while back, it reminded me of the 1972 Plymouth Satellite.
  5. Yes, the Ford Stock is a Hold for the long haul. I believe once ford starts producing the Electric Truck soon, things will change for the better. Ford & VW both invested in Rivian which is a Private Company the is about to launch their all new Electric Truck that gets great mileage per charge and looks super cool. Ford will be getting Rivian to supply the platform. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-24/ford-joining-amazon-investing-in-electric-truck-maker-rivian
  6. So does mine.....looks like I will need to start mowing it every 4 Days.
  7. OK you Stock Market Guru's, I have a question...… I just bought 583 Shares of Ford Stock to play with. I am watching another Stock now as well...… the Company has Filed Bankruptcy and there Stock is way, way, WAY down. Another Company is going to purchase all the Assets soon and absorb it all into their Company. My question is, What happens to the Bankrupt Companies Stock? Does it get absorbed into the Buying Company and turned into their Stock or does it become Toilet Paper?
  8. Been to a few Cars & Coffee's and a few Cruise Ins, that's about it. Loving that new Stang. Glad ya back.
  9. Keffie.....your back.....How the hell are you buddy?
  10. That is screaming for Black Wheels......................
  11. I replied to your message. I said: "Awesome, what are their Fee's, I plan to buy Ford Stock?"
  12. That's awesome.  I need to start investing.  I want to buy about $3,500 worth of Ford Stock while it is down ($6.20).

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