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  1. WOW!!! Green's my favorite color and I have to say that is stunning!!
  2. How about some high quality hood pin lanyards that don't rust?
  3. Hey guys, I need to replace the battery on my 07 SGT...any recommendations? Thanks
  4. This is a fun show and the proceeds go to a great cause. The trophy count is now over 50 with top 40 and best of's. Hope to see you there!!!
  5. You're the closest CSM# to mine I've seen. #3102 checking in from Roscoe, IL
  6. Every day is a good day in a Shelby!

  7. Does anyone at Shelby have directions available for removing the SA lower grille and light kit to replace the billet grille with a black one and change the bulbs in the lights? Is there something easier than removing the entire front fascia?
  8. Has anyone had to replace the bulbs in the SAI lower grille/light combo? If so do you know which PIAA 510 model/replacement bulb it is? Also, does anyone have directions for replacement of the grille?
  9. That looks like a sweet combo. I bet a white 07 SGT would look good with a new grabber blue Boss also
  10. I've run with you guys before, but can't do Thursday. Will be heading down Friday.
  11. The forecast looks perfect! Yes, they have a couple of them.
  12. Emailed mine and paid via paypal last Friday. Are you guys emailing to verify receipt at all?
  13. Anyone planning on heading to Hermann on Friday morning from MN, WI or Northern IL and looking to convoy down, let me know and we'll see what we can put together.
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