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  1. No affiliation to the car or dealer, just putting it out here for the community https://americansupercars.com/listings/2008-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500kr-silver-black/
  2. I do not have any affiliation with the car or the dealer. Just putting it our here for the community. https://americansupercars.com/listings/2007-ford-mustang-gt500-shelby-40th-anniversary-package-black-black/
  3. Nope, only suspension mod is a Watts Link
  4. Looking good Kerry. Looking forward to driving up there.
  5. Time for some quid pro quo jk Enjoy your new chapter Rob!
  6. In their ad write up, they say go to google to research the KR, and then cite 1967-1969.... Dafuq they talking about...🙈🙉🙊 dumbasses...lol
  7. My wife and I were in the theater watching and she leaned over after the opening scene, and whispered into my ear, "we didn't get red why?..." (we had bought a black one)
  8. While I like the name Mach-E for the car....just leave it at that, and not hang the iconic Mustang name on it... Oh well, too late
  9. GREAT write up and pix! I still want ONE of EACH....lol
  10. And tequila at my table....
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